Strange Devils (album cover)
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18-song set from the lead vocalist of Falkmore and The Toluenes spans a dozen musical genres including rock, pop, alternative, country, bluegrass and jazz. Features the singles "Easy to Love", "The Fall", "As You Were" and "Middle of Nowhere". (2020) Track listing: 1. When I Die 2. Easy to Love 3. The Fall 4. As You Were 5. You Do Voodoo 6. I Saw God in America Last Night 7. Flesh Wounds in Ithaca 8. The Ghost of Hiram Jones 9. Between the F and E 10. Middle of Nowhere 11. Road Movie 12. Steady as She Goes 13. Jumping 14. One More Time 15. Been a Long Time 16. Last One Standing 17. When I See You 18. An Eifeacht Feileacan
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Jamon Scott - Strange Devils

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