South of Somewhere (album cover)
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8-song outlaw country set from the lead vocalist of Falkmore and The Toluenes features the singles "Southern Roses", "I Wish You were Dead" and "Steady as She Goes" plus 6 bonus tracks including a remake of Mike and the Mechanics' "Silent Running". (2022) Track listing: 1. Between the F and E 2. Southern Roses 3. Moonshine Jack 4. I Got Lucky 5. I Wish You were Dead 6. Steady as She Goes 7. Song for You Know Who 8. Southern Woman 9. Middle of Nowhere 10. Hillbilly Place 11. Hung Up on You 12. Take Me Home 13. Silent Running 14. Everything will be Alright
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Jamon Scott - South of Somewhere DELUXE EDITION

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